The Lightest Folding Electric Wheelchair

The wheelchair is one of the lightest electrical wheelchairs. Excluding battery, it weighs a mere 42 pounds. The wheelchair frame's aluminum alloy is not only light but also strong, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. With a capacity rating of 265 pounds, the wheelchair is easily the best in its class.

High Quality Manufactured

The wheelchair is incredible portable. The innovative structure allows the wheelchair to be folded into its compact mode in seconds. You can easily load the folded wheelchair in your car trunk or fly with it as checked baggage when traveling. In addition, the wheelchair is FDA certified and rigorously tested because safety is always our first priority.

Designed for Portability

ZiiLIF-PC1 is a newly-designed electric folding wheelchair for your convenience. The wheelchair is ultra lightweight thanks to its best aluminum alloy structure. When folded, the wheelchair can easily be loaded in a car trunk. The wheelchair is especially suited for you and anyone who appreciates lightweight design and people who love to travel.