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  • One remarkable aspect is its convenience during travels. I've taken my ZiiLIF Scooter on four trips to the Caribbean, and it has proven to be effortlessly portable. Now, instead of being a spectator on our journeys, I'm an active participant, exploring diverse landscapes with ease.

  • Just got back from Disneyland for my birthday…and as always my ZiiLIF Scooter made the trip possible! Not only that but, I probably convinced four strangers to go buy the scooter because I love mine so much…I need to start carrying business cards with a referral code lol! Thank you for making travel and the ability to leave the house possible for me; wouldn’t be able to do it without such a great device!

  • Bought my wife her ZiiLIF Scooter a year ago. She loves using it. It's so easy to set up and use. She uses it to go shopping and around our neighborhood.  She's been asked multiple times where she brought it. She also said it's easy fold down and load in our car.

R3b Mobility Scooter Accessories

Here is a collection of accessories what you may need for your R3b mobility scooter