Innovative Mobility Designer

ZiiROBOT is a robotic furniture and mobility product designer and manufacturer, and an ecommerce entity which was founded in 2017. We are a spin-off from the Robotic Lab of The Ohio State University. We design and develop robots and mobility products that empower home automation and smart mobility. We sell our products online to customers worldwide, primarily in the USA.

To ensure the best customer experience, we provide One-to-One Customer support service. Please feel free to contact us any time if you have questions or concerns about our products. The contact information is listed on the customer support page.

Our mission is to design, develop and distribute (DDD) the best products equipped with advanced and patented technologies. Our innovation is inspired by sensor-integrated AI, modern electronics and software enhanced robot functions, which all lead to more powerful, versatile, and stable performance of our products.

The ZiiROBOT series is a set of products which make individual life more efficient and easier. The series includes smart serving carts, smart end tables.

The ZiiLIF series is a set of products which empower mobility for our customers. The series includes mobility scooters and home scooters. 

The FurniBOT series is a set of smart furniture which enables a productive and dynamic life at home.

Finally all the products are based on our patented modular-robot technologies. By doing so we can design and develop new robots in a timely manner, while our customers can design and build their own in a cost-effective way. Contact us for the availability of our modular-robot components.