Phone Holder: ZiiLIF-R3b Scooter

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The ZiiLIF-Rb3 Scooter Phone Holder:

  • Device size supported: 4.5 - 7 inch
  • Weight: Approximately 205g
  • Compatibility: Designed for 4.5-7 inch mobile phones (130mm≤phone height≤1800mm)
  • Fix mode: Securely holds your phone in place

Enhance your ZiiLIF-Rb3 Scooter experience with the ZiiLIF-Rb3 Scooter Phone Holder. This convenient accessory ensures that your phone stays securely in place while you're on the move, allowing you to easily access navigation, music, and other apps while riding. With its versatile compatibility and lightweight design, it's the perfect addition to your scooter setup.