ZiiROBOT-G1 Smart Robotic Golf Cart

Lightweight, Foldable and Powerful

The G1's lightweight 28 lbs design without the battery, foldable structure, and compact size enable you to stow it in your trunk quickly and easily. Plus, its powerful li-ion battery can go over 15 miles, providing a reliable round whatever the course size.

Unfold and ready to go in one step!

Three Modes in One Unit. Act now for a Free Accessories Bundle!

Regular Free-Wheel Push Golf Cart: Put your golf bag on the cart. ZiiROBOT G1 can serve you as a traditional golf pushcart.

Electric Golf Trolley: Manually steer the pushcart and adjust the speed when needed. It automatically leads you to where you want to go.

Robotic Golf Trolley: Control the trolley via your remote. The cart is programmable and embedded with intelligent algorithms. With your robotic assistant, you'll experience the highest level of comfort on any course.